military transport

Military Space-Available (Space-A) Flight Schedules


PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT AUTHORITY 10 U.S.C. B013; EO 8397, 22 November 1943. 

PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To apply for air travel, SSN is needed for positive ID. 

ROUTINE USE(s): Records from this system of records may be disclosed for any of the blanket routine uses published by the air force. 

DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY: Failure to provide the information may result in member not being accepted for travel on military aircraft. Disclosure of SSN is voluntary. 


Please ensure that ALL information on this form is filled out! Without this information, a sign up WILL NOT be made, and your application WILL BE DISREGARDED. 


1. Copy and paste all of the following information into an E-Mail. 

2. Provide requested information for each line. 

3. Send the E-Mail to the applicable AMC Passenger Terminal


If there are problems, someone may need to contact you for more information, please provide the following non-essential data for this purpose. 

Email Address: 

Home Phone: 

Duty Phone: 


The following is MANDATORY! If not completed, your application WILL be disregarded. 

Name (Last, First, Mi): 


Seats required: 

Travel status: 

_____Category I Civ or Mil Dependent on Emergency Leave 

_____Category II Environmental Morale Leave (EML) 

_____Category III Active Duty on Ordinary Leave / House Hunting 

_____Category IV (EML) Unaccompanied Dependents 

_____Category V Permissive TDY or TAD / Student Travel 

_____Category VI Retired Military / Reserves 

For overseas travel: Border clearance documents current? _____YES _____NO 

Source: AMC